6 easy ways to work relaxation into your routine

Find ways to work relaxation into your routine! A simple way to do this is to create a routine around your relaxing activities to cushion your workday.

Meditate first thing in the morning

Meditation, even for 2 minutes, in the morning can set your tone for the rest of the day. You may be full of thoughts or be able to focus inward rather easily. You can even do this while you enjoy your morning coffee or breakfast. Focus on what you're grateful for and what you have to look forward to that day. Saying thanks and meditating on the good things will bring up your happiness levels before heading to work!

Enjoy soothing sounds while commuting

Commuting can be a stressful time of day, so find something to make it more pleasurable. This might be listening to a podcast, enjoying some tunes, or even just sitting in silence. The silence will give you time to reflect on what you have going on that day or what you need to accomplish.

Move at your desk

Whether it's after meditating or in your work space, get in some time to stretch. Yoga will increase your mobility after being seated for long periods of time, especially if you have a desk job. It also has great benefits you should take advantage of.

Walk at lunch

Get outside and enjoy the fresh air or take a lap around your office during lunch time. Get away from your computer screen to de-stress and spend time thinking rather than doing. Maybe even take your lunch outside and enjoy the sunshine!

Visualize on the way home

While still focusing on the road, think about what your big life goals might be. Is it owning a home? Having a family? Launching a business? It will benefit you in the long run to really think through what you want, what success looks like, and what you can do to get there. Taking out uncertainty can increase your relaxation.

Create a habit to transition from work to home

Maybe on the way home from work, you stop by the gym or listen to a podcast. Maybe you stop for a breather at a local coffee shop. Maybe you call a friend or family member. Take this time for yourself and do something that helps you relax or transition from full time to family time. You might even want to try getting a massage.

Avoid social media in the evening

Blue light from the TV, phone, or computer keeps our bodies from properly shutting down. Put the phone away and spend time doing something you remember like having a great night with friends or playing board games with family. Don't let your hours out of work be taken over by Facebook.

Read (rather than watch TV) before bed

To promote your body cycling down for the day, read a book before bed rather than watching TV. It'll help entertain, maybe learn, and allow your body to prepare for sleep. Keeping to one activity right before bed, as part of your night time routine, will help remind your body and mind it's time to rest.
How do you work relaxation into your routine?