Benefits of heat therapy

Our massagers use heat to soothe muscles. We think this is one of the best ways to target areas of pain and really work out any knots. But what are the benefits of using heat therapy?

Heat blocks pain

By heating a particular area, you activate thermo receptors which inhibit your body's ability to send pain signals. That's why it's recommended to use heat to reduce pain from chronic injuries like back pain.

Heat increases circulation

Blood vessels dilate when exposed to heat. Increased blood flow means that additional nutrients and oxygen are sent to affected areas. This means injuries - like muscle spasms, strains, or strains - can heal faster with the application of localized heat.

Heat promotes flexibility

Applying heat allows muscles to become more malleable, alleviating stiffness and relaxing soft tissue. It lowers the lactic acid buildup in muscles and will help relax tension.

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