Customers love Tekjoy! Read our Kneading Massager 2017 reviews

Not sure about purchasing the Tekjoy Shiatsu Kneading Massage Pillow? To help with your decision, we've compiled a list of our 2017 reviews. Read or watch some of our customers talk about the massager.

Mom Blog Society

"My wife and I have had neck and back issues for quite a few years.  Most people overdo in their teenage and younger adult years by thinking that they are stronger than they think they are.  I know my wife thought she could do more back then and she paid for it in her early 30s. That is a long story but after 12 years of going to a chiropractor and physical therapy, she has decided that taking care of it herself is the way for her to go.  She more or less has to learn to live with it with the help of the Tekjoy Shiatsu Massage Pad."

Story of Five

"Becoming a new mother has all sorts of challenges. Not only is your body physically undergoing changes but mentally you are also adjusting. Your new mom might be stressing a little, have feelings of being overwhelmed, maybe some anxiety or stress. Having a baby is life changing and a huge adjustment. Your new mom might want to be homebound for the next few weeks but that shouldn’t stop her from enjoying an amazing massage.
I have this Deep Kneading Massager and it’s absolutely amazing."

Eighty MPH Mom

"There are many great benefits from having a Shiatsu massage, including improvement in circulation, relief from headaches, reducing stress and tension, restoring the body’s energy, plus more! Plus, without all the aches and pains, you’ll be able to get a good night’s sleep, which means an even happier, pain-free way to start your day."

Pretty Opinionated

"I am madly in love with this thing, especially after a long day of sitting at the computer. It has these fabulous kneading heads that work just about every sore muscle from head to toe. I use it on my shoulders several times a day. I just plug it in and let it do its thing. It contours to fit your body and has a ton of different modes, so you can use it on everything from your feet to your lower back. You can even plug it into your car for a massage on the go!"

GoTechGeek Review and Unboxing

TutorialGeek Review

Star Product Review

"From the moment you first open the Tekjoy FDA Approved Deep Kneading Massager you will know that you are in for something totally different, because it is totally different. Not only is it designed differently than most, but it is designed with versatility in mind as it contours to your back, waist, feet, and wherever else it hurts. And since it comes with two adapters, you can use it in your car, at home, or at the office. Regardless of where or how much you decide to use it, it’s quality made, so you will know it will last, and it’s comfortable too."

Leisure Right Now

"Editor’s Rating : 8.8 out of 10"

Best Reviews Info

"The Tekjoy FDA Approved Deep Kneading Massager differs from the other shiatsu massagers in that you can control the speed, direction of rotation, and the heat. As with the others, it is specifically ideal for your back and neck, though you can apply it to any part of your body that is experiencing muscle tension."
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