Our Story

Humanizing the technology world

In a world moving faster and faster, who's looking out for what you want? Instead of innovating, companies are looking into their spreadsheets and growing more concerned with the bottom line and answering "How do we keep up?" Instead, we ask people, "How do you keep going?" When technology started becoming more cumbersome, impersonal, and unimaginative, we stepped in to bring the individual back into the heart of innovation.

Technology created for you

With the world hurrying to keep up, we're here to help you relax, enjoy the little things and mosey forward. We customize with the user in mind to continually refine our designs. Through our obsession with perfection and deep knowledge of the industry, we’ve created experiences meant for the individual - not the mass.

Smile, sit back, and relax (sigh)

We may be the new kids on the block, but we're bringing lots of new ideas to the table. With new features, better quality, and higher standard, we are revitalizing home and health products. We’ve even streamlined our business model so we can interact with you, learn what you want and how we can do better. From creation to customer service, we bring a personal touch to everything we do.

Creating joyful moments

Our goal is to bring joy into everyday life with our mixture of tech and customer insights. We created our products with one thing in mind: creating joy. Our massage techniques, from Shiatsu to tapping,  help target areas of tension to release stress created from daily activities. By stimulating muscles and promoting happiness from your muscles onward, we help bring joy back into your daily routine.