Why Us

We're more than a wellness company, we're here to help you enjoy life

Don't settle when it comes to your well being

We started our business because we want to revitalize home and personal health products by integrating new features, better quality, and higher standards. Then we did.

Designed with and for you

Technology meant for the individual should be designed with them in mind. For us, partnership with our customers begins at creation by listening to customer feedback and continues through the product life cycle.

Everyone deserves to be happy

We've made it easier to make happiness a priority. Our competitive pricing, variety of massage techniques, and streamlined business model allows us to bring joyful products to everyone.

We're people too

Be able to reach our personable (and very helpful) customer service team. We guarantee 100% satisfaction to make sure your experience with us is as joyful as our products.

Our mission

Delivering comfort and happiness everyday.

Everyone has a different standard of comfort that we allow them to meet with our fresh and individualized designs. Easily build recovery into your routine through our accessible price point, adaptable massaging functions, and online convenience, so you can keep going for the people in life that matter.

Our vision

We strive to improve the quality of life for everyone.

Everyone deserves a quality of life not impinged by cost or time. Traditional relaxation products can be both pricey and time consuming, so we created solutions that are convenient, high quality, and well-designed to help people maintain a happiness quotient. By starting with everyday relaxation, we seek to improve each life one day at a time.